The Sole of the Matter

I’m afraid my sneakers have been sitting idle and empty for too long. Silent historians. They’ve recorded every mile run, every step jumped, every bag kicked. They are dirty, the cush is almost gone, and the laces are fraying. They are perfect. My dancing heels have been glued together three times now. They have a perpetual scuff on the inside right toe and my hiking boots have finally split a seam after 10 years. But I wouldn’t trade them for the world (or at least until they are beyond repair).  They know my feet, and my feet know them. And that kind of trust takes a long time to break in.

For the record, I don’t have a shoe obsession. Really. I think I own about six pairs that I actually wear, and about three pairs of  too-tall heels I can’t bare  to part with on the off chance that, one day, the perfect outfit will come along and they will just be necessary.

But enough shoe talk.

Let me part with this fun fact: I have signed up for the Disney Goofy Race in January. Half marathon on Saturday, full marathon on Sunday.  It’s  just now dawning on me how unwise this decision may have been. I haven’t run a half marathon since March – and even that I would consider more of a trudge than running, per-say I’ve put in three miles here, five miles there. Nothing significant. Time to ramp up that training plan, I guess. I’ll post when I get it figured out.  Thoughts, tips and stories are much appreciated.

Disney Princess race. The last half marathon run (trudge) I completed. I was supposed to be Cinderella. Think I’ll try harder next time…


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