Fitness For A Stronger World

When it comes to fitness, I’m selfish. Plain and simple. Though to be fair, it does lend itself quite easily to that sort of mind set. Sure, we can try to use it for good…a race for some cause or in the honor of a loved one. But even in training for such an event, I find the name of the game is “me, myself, and I”.

I first realized this fact about myself three weeks ago and have been struggling with what to do about it…until last night. Almost every aspect of exercise has an opportunity to have some level of positive ecological or human impact. Even something as basic as purchasing an ecofriendly sports bra or recycling a shirt to make a workout tank can help to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint. Volunteering to help build a house or moving furniature for those who can’t are great ways to grab a workout and help someone else in the process. I’m working on a list of ideas, a matrix really, to help define mini-goals that will make this idea a reality. All suggestions welcome!


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