Running: A Sustainable Philanthropy

The days of exercising solely for self-improvement are coming to an end with the release of a nifty  smartphone app. It’s called CharityMiles ( and it is the answer I’ve been looking for. Or part of it.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for and dreaming up ways to help both ecological and human well-being while still getting my workout on. I posted about this earlier when I came up with EcoFitPlus: Move With Purpose. Up until now, I’d only come up with little things — like trying to workout while using as little electricity as possible (bye-bye treadmill), re purposing old clothes to make them into workout clothes and riding my bike instead of driving whenever possible.

But this little app takes the cake. It donates $0.25 for every mile walked/run and $0.10 for every mile biked (or in my case possibly roller bladed). Users can choose from charities like ASPCA, Autism Speaks, and Feeding America to The Global Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and The Nature Conservancy to name a few. While the company (app) is for profit, the initial $1,000,000 is actually being provided by them and according to their blog, they don’t have an idea yet of how they are actually going to make money. Ha! I’m sure they’ll figure it out. In the meantime, more money for charity is solid in my books. Glad to see their focus is on the project.
You can checkout their blog at Pretty neat stuff. I’ll be using this app for the remainder of my training for the Goofy Race. I will be reaching out to anyone who sponsors my 1000 trees project to find out what charity you would like me to train with (charity must be available on CharityMiles) as a “thank you” for your sponsorship. My 1000 trees project is part of The Nature Conservancy site and can be found here:


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