Move With Purpose, Buy With Purpose

The business of selling sporting goods is a multibillion dollar industry, encompassing somewhere around 20,000 different companies. And it’s no wonder why the industry is so successful: short of going au naturel in your mamma-nature given skin, even the most basic of fitness attire is required to successfully become physically fit. When I think back, I’m sure I’ve spent lots and lots of money on running shorts, bras, shirts and socks to help me get my move on (and we can’t forget about shoes).  I’m positive I didn’t buy them with global well being in mind (and I’m even more positive that they were like wise made with little regard to such ideas).

So I started thinking: when the need to purchase something new arises (because I can’t buy it used, or make it myself from other re-purposed items) why not look for places that sell with a like philanthropic mind?

My search is still ongoing, but I’ve found a few companies that I think are pretty darn nifty.

Sevenly is a T-shirt company with some pretty rad designs up their sleeves. They support one cause a week for every week of the year. For every shirt purchased, they donate $7 to that particular week’s cause. Interesting concept.

Black Diamond is all about conservation. They differentiate themselves not by claiming to want to save the world, but rather stating the very obvious truth “We are, however, committed to doing everything we can to not screw it up.” I do enjoy the smidge of realistic honesty.

Go Lite made the cut for being in the top 10% of certified B corporations for “environmental responsibility, tackling everything from waste management and energy usage to transportation policies and materials used in manufacturing their products.” Want to know more about B Corporations? Click here.

Giving Tee is, yes, another T-shirt company… but this one caught my attention because users have the option to create their own shirt design for the website to use. Every time that particular design is chosen, the site donates $5 to the designer’s cause of choice. And do I ever love to design!


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