Weekend Exploration: Heart Lake

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing – Barry Finlay

The Trail Description: Interested in hiking to this beautiful lake?  Its about 8.7 miles RT, pretty gradual elevation gain (total of about 2,000 ft) – but because of the length I would still say it is an intermediate level.  Love this hike because it has a large parking area, the trail is well maintained, and there are oh-so-many beautiful camping opportunities (non-developed sites) just at tree line at Roger’s Peak Lake and streams. Also, waterfalls. waterfalls waterfalls waterfalls. This trail is full of ’em and so much more of the things you might expect to see on a colorado rocky mountain trail.  I’ll be doing this one again in the winter with snowshoes for certain.

Link with detailed trail info here: http://www.protrails.com/trail/103/indian-peaks-wilderness-area-rogers-pass-lake-and-heart-lake

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