Buffalo Peaks Wilderness backpacking

I expected this past weekend to be a truly wet and rainy backpacking experience, but the weather gods smiled and treated us to a few sprinkles – nothing more. This was my first hike through the area and I loved every beautiful minute. The season is getting late so there’s a bit more brown in the color mix, however there are still a decent number of stubborn wildflowers in it for the long haul. 

The Trail Description: We started at the Rich Creek TH and wandered up Tumble Creek Trail. It connects up to Rich Creek Trail to form an eleven-ish mile loop. Three to four miles up Tumble Creek Trail, you’ll start come to some meadows. We hiked this part of the trail right around sunset, which made the meadows especially magical. From there, the trail gains a bit more elevation as it circles around two high points and turns into Rich Creek. From my topo map, the trail appears to start around 9,640 ft (some websites say 10,000 ft) and tops out at 11,560 ft. Overall, it doesn’t offer many good vistas of distant peaks, but the in-your-face scenery and ever-present streams make this hike worth while. I would also recommend this as a modified beginner out-and-back for anyone not looking for too much uphill.    


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