Moab: Day 1

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend. Even though its only one more day, I feel like the amount of exploring is exponentially increased and time seems to slow down (in a good way). The Mister, a friend from Florida, Mountain Man, and I headed to Moab early Friday AM. Truthfully, I wanted to disappear into the hills here in CO, but having never experienced Utah beyond ski resorts, I was game for a new adventure. 

Upon returning I have one word: holyshitsticksamazingmagicwonderland. There is a connection in that place – a draw like I have never felt before. The land is rugged, wild, and beautiful in a way almost opposite (and yet identical) to the Rockies I love.  

We camped in an established BLM site off 128, just northeast of Moab . While established sites aren’t my favorite, fire restrictions and my desire for a camp fire outweighed my snobbery. We also ended up making some camp friends (I’ll elaborate later), so my opinion of established sites isn’t quite as low as it was a few days ago 🙂 

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