Meet the Adam and Eve of my mountain spirit

My parents came for a visit last week. To paint a verbal picture of who they are would take, quite literally, forever. So I’ll just say this: I’m my mother’s physical doppelganger and voice mimc. I inherited my father’s determination (read: stubbornness), emotional distance, and minimalist personality. That doesn’t even begin to describe them, but its a start.

My parents had me out on trail at (and they’ll correct me if I’m wrong) about age zero. While they may have moved me to the flat land of Florida at the ripe old age of four, they (and consequentially I) never lost the mountain zeal. As I’ve said in previous posts, 14ers were a summer past-time.

During this most recent visit, they rented a house in Silverthorn. My dad and I planned on attempting to snag Mount of the Holy Cross at some point, but also wanted to do a fun, shorter hike too. Enter my favorite Colorado hike EVER (EVER, EVER, EVER): Mohawk Lakes. It has everything I think a Colorado hike should have: a bit of elevation, rocks to climb on, far-off vistas, historic cabin and mining ruins, waterfalls, streams, beaver ponds, LAKES (so clear and magic, I think mermaids should live in them), and more.

Sometimes I try to say a trail is “easy” or “moderate” or “difficult”, but that rating is so subjective. This time around, I had my mom hiking too, and she recently had her knee replaced. I would say that this is a “moderate” trail due to length (6-7 miles RT). My mom was able to do three miles with hiking poles, but the amount of rock on the trail after the lower Mohawk Lake eventually became too difficult for her to hike on (her balance and flexibility isn’t great with a fake knee).

Click here for trail info

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