Princesses Dresses and Mountaineers: Welcome to the Alps (part uno)

There is a land, that’s sort of far away – like a 12 hour plane flight to be exact – that has both princess dresses and mountain climbing. And they are both seemingly a normal part of life. And beer. So much beer. These exactly meet my criteria for a definitive “heaven on earth”.

Recently, Justin (husband) and I went to Munich for Oktoberfest and to see our friend Chris. We “planned” the trip on a whim while sitting on a different friend’s couch drinking beers one night. I use quotes because planned means we decided to go to Oktoberfest and bought plane tickets to make it happen. Beyond that, we played it by ear and let the fates choose where we might end up. Chris had been traveling (read: couch surfing) around Europe for about three months and met us in Munich.

Pro tip: Stay with an AirBandB if at all possible. We did and it was amazing. Cheaper than hotel or hostel, with locals who give you all the inside info on where to go, where not to go, and how to get there.

We stayed in Munich for about four days. Two of those days were spent at Oktoberfest. I have to say, I’d go back in an instant. We only went to one “tent” (its a giant building), but it is absolutely and without question the party of the year. My favorite part about it (other than the fact that I got to wear a sweet princess dress – dirndl- for two days) was the communal drinking tables. So many interesting people to talk to from all over Europe! America should really jump on that wagon.

The other two days were spent seeing the city (parks, people surfing the river) and CASTLES. Yep. Castles. As in specifically the one that inspired the Walt Disney castle.  This glorious piece of six-year-old-girl-magic is called Neuschwanstein. Its near Fussen in Germany, which also looks like it was built in a fairytale. I half expected the fairies from Sleeping Beauty to appear as we walked through town. It was a bit touristy (says the tourist), but I didn’t let that impact the awesome that was this dream fulfilled. To make matters even more amazing: Alps. Everywhere. I was beside myself and looking back on it, probably quite annoying.  But when there are castles nestled in Alps, a girl just can’t help herself.

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