Princess dresses and Mountaineers: Walk the Walk, See the See (part dos)

While we were in Munich, we decided that Austria was the next stop. I wanted to climb something Alp-y rather than stare longingly at the mountains as I had at Neuschwanstein. Throughout Oktoberfest, we asked a variety of our beer-table-buddies where we should go. Many of them recommended going to this sea or that sea; I chalked it up to the drunken musings of land-locked Oktoberfest goers. Two days after we arrived in Austria I realized they were saying see not sea (silly American).

So, in Austria, a see is a lake. They tend to be named for the town or city closest to them, and after a quick stay in Salzburg, we ended up at Gosausee near the town of Gosau. Salzburg’s architecture was beautiful and historic. We saw the birthplace of Mozart and another castle – though this one was more of the medieval-fortress-function-over-beauty variety. We also tasted bliss in the form of whipped eggs and sugar (Salzburg Nockerl – my tastebuds will never be the same again). But truth be told, I’m just not a city girl. Mountains-ho!

We hopped a bus to Gosausee and found that our hotel not only sat on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen, but was also the only civilization around for about 5 miles. Just the way I like it.

Enter Alpine rain storm… for two days. But Honey Badger don’t give a shit; anything is possible with quick dry shoes, beer, mermaid clear water and dragon-lair-misty-mountains.

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