Weekend Wandering: Tracks to Trails

“Remember: where you’re going, there are no roads.” — Doc Brown, Back to the Future III

Time travel + van life wrapped in a nifty old western motif? Yep, I’d give it a go. If someone were to ask “would you like to arrive at the trailhead via Delorean or train?” I’m going to pick train, every time.

Want to take a train to the trailhead of one of the most stunning basins in Colorado? As luck would have it, you can. The train doesn’t time travel, but the view is breath taking. Here are a couple of the photos from my newest Weekend Wandering photo essay “Tracks to Trails.” You can see the entire gallery here. Let me know whatchya think 🙂


and even in our smallness, we can accomplish truly great things. Anything, really.


I’ve found it is always good to have a Plan B, in case of an early turnaround. Brunch in a field of flowers is a good runner-up.


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