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My passion (read: obsession) for the hills is a combination of nature and nurture.

Avid day-hikers and semi-glamping-backpackers, my folks had me out on trail before I could walk. While I was raised in Florida, we’d come out to Colorado to hike some of the Front Range 14ers or head up the east coast to section hike parts of the Appalachian Trail. Once I graduated high school, I spent three weeks backpacking through the San Juans with Outward Bound, and I knew that I wanted bigger mountains, longer treks, and harder terrain.

Like many an outdoors-person, the mountains inspire me. They make me feel alive and teach me valuable lessons. When I’m not on trail, I’m mapping my next adventure, researching gear, or editing the (too many) photos I took on my last stroll. I’ll admit it: I’m a mountain hugger with a lust that has yet to be satisfied.

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  1. How absolutely wonderful. Being in the mountains really does make a person feel alive, what amazing experiences you’ve had.

  2. Hi Cuz! Just tonight discovered your blog pages. The pictures are much more beautiful viewed this way! I want to be young again, and do what you do!

    • Well come out and visit me and we can grab some shots together!! 🙂

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