Strong, my kindred sister

Far more than physical, strength is in the mind. It’s the ability to push past our own boundaries, demolish the walls that scream “no you can’t”, and do more than you ever thought possible.¬† I love this friend-sister and hope everyone has people in their lives who inspire them ūüôā¬† ~m.

Moab: Day 2

I don’t think there’s¬†anything quite as satisfying as waking up in a tent to the early morning wilderness. Don’t get me wrong – marshmallows, a¬†decent burger and¬†cider¬†after a long hike, and petting fluffy things¬†are all close runners up; but there’s something more to witnessing and existing in the dawn’s ambiance. Sometimes I think that if I’m¬†still enough, I might actually be able to hear the earth breathe, to see the ripple of its pulse move¬†through everything around me.¬† I think that’s why I dig solo hiking so much: my brain finally stops… Read More

Moab: Day 1

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend. Even though its only one more day, I feel like the amount of exploring is exponentially increased and time seems to slow down (in a good way). The Mister, a friend from Florida, Mountain Man, and I headed to Moab early Friday AM. Truthfully, I wanted to disappear into the hills here in CO,¬†but having never experienced Utah beyond ski resorts, I was game for a new adventure.¬† Upon returning I have one word: holyshitsticksamazingmagicwonderland. There is a connection in that place – a draw… Read More

Just a Gut Reaction

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. John Muir Simply put: mamma nature knows what we¬†need, and being active outdoors is just plain good for us.¬†I recently read an article on Huffington Post that touches on the health and mental benefits of hiking (scroll to the end of the post for the link). Based on the social media reaction to the story, I think it resonated with many-an-outdoorsman – myself included. And why shouldn’t… Read More

Trail “Running”

Colorado trails harbor Flash-like athletes who have¬†speed and agility like I had never seen¬†until I actually lived here. I call them Trail Gazelles, and I aspire to be one.¬† I’m no stranger to jogging¬†(read yogging). I grew up running at¬†5AM with my parents.¬†Even though the sun wasn’t up, we’d slog through 80 degrees of heat and humidity, emerging with a feeling of accomplishment. And despite my living in Florida for 24 years, I’m also no stranger to hiking. I spent many of my summers tromping¬†around the Appalachians or visiting¬†Colorado to snag¬†a 14er…. Read More