Weekend Wandering // Oct 23-25, 2015: Iron Roads

You promised yourself to the mountains, so you go. 

Sometimes my trips start as part of an email chain, a Facebook group message, long conversations about where and when to go. Other times, they start like this:

“Wanna still do the Via Ferrata? I’ll do it with you”
“Ok. I can leave Friday night.”

I love a good road trip with open-ended details. There’s something exciting about knowing where you’re headed, but not what you’ll see or do along the way.



First Star to the Right

Very few things can feel as freeing as long-distance hill-driving. At night, the hills are extra magic: almost like sleeping sirens, they lure us into their dreams.



You know that feeling, when you turn the corner and the mountains unfold right before your eyes? and you think to yourself “yes. I’m going there. and there’s no place else I’d rather be”.

Sometimes I also think about a dragon living under the rock, but that’s probably just me.




We took a little hike to play in the first snow of the season, except it wasn’t snow. It was ice. Ice doesn’t make very good snow angles, turns out.




This is one of the oldest hydro-electric facilities in the country. And I work for a utility that started with a hydro-electric building, so I got to nerd out a little bit.

As a side note, though, most of me wished this was a castle instead.



Girls’ Night Out. There may or may not have been creepy, haunted cabins a few yards from our tent.



Sometimes we put ourselves in the way of beauty, sometimes it is simply put before us.

We woke up early that morning, before the sky had even started to lighten so we could start hiking at sunrise. But the air was cold, and the car was cold, and we were cold. So we got coffee instead… coffee and this. Magic.


VF_23This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Via Ferrata – Italian for “iron road”, and ledge walking at its finest.



Human, for scale.




See, mom? Safety first.



But then, the ledge ends (as all good things must). A strong grip is recommended.



A really strong grip is recommended. Looking down is optional.


Many climbers say the goal of every successful climb is to come back safely and as friends.  I like to add coffee into the mix as well.


You can do anything you want to do. This is your world. — Bob Ross

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